And you finally said yes! But the story is far from over. It is time you start preparing for the most memorable day of your life- the wedding. Our favourite part is wedding dresses! Explore extravagant or simple wedding dresses and choose the one that you love. Infinity Bridesmaids is your one-stop shop for all things weddings.

 How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Gown


A wedding dress is one of the essential pieces of clothing you will wear. Therefore, you need to be sure about it. Choosing the right dress will require you to put in time and effort. There is a vast range of wedding dresses in different styles. It is easy to get confused. Should you choose a ballgown, or is a mermaid cut more of your style? Is lace better or satin? There are many factors you need to consider for your perfect dress. Before you start exploring:

  1. Have a vision for your dress.

  2. Explore bridal magazines and Pinterest, or ask your bestfriends before you start making appointments at bridal shops.

  3. Remember, comfort is key. You cannot feel beautiful in a dress that does not make you feel comfortable.

A bridal gown should reflect your style. You should feel like yourself. Do not get swayed by the latest trends. They don't need to look good on you. Instead, stick with styles that help you put your best foot forward. 

Consider several things when shopping for wedding gowns. The fabric of your dress should match the wedding vibe. A breezy gown like chiffon or satin will look beautiful if you are having a summer wedding. The airy fabric will keep you comfortable. There are lace, satin, velvet, and chiffon dresses. Sometimes, designers mix two materials to make the dress more beautiful. It is common to see dresses with lace bodices and tulle skirts.

Choose from designs like off-shoulder, long sleeves, plunging necklines, and strapless gowns. 

Explore stunning Wedding Dresses For your Big Day.

At Infinity Bridesmaids, we want to ensure that every bride finds her dream wedding dress. Many brides have a specific style in mind. If you do, shop by style at our wedding shop and choose your perfect wedding dress. If you need help figuring out where to start, browse our entire collection and see what appeals to you the most. 

Here are our best sellers that brides seem to love too much!

  • Heather Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress: Perfect for the contemporary bride, this ruched dress with off-shoulder sleeves and thigh-slit gives you a form-fitting shape. 

  • Catalina Lace Wedding Dress: if you want to mix some edgy into the traditional approach, the Catalina Dress is lovely. With a plunging neckline that goes until the waist, the bodice has beautiful lace work. The tulle skirt is voluminous and adorned with lace.

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  1. Should I shop for a bridal gown alone or take my friends?

Shopping for a wedding dress is plenty stressful. There are so many designs and styles that it can get overwhelming. So it is essential to have someone who can help you decide by your side. Someone whose judgment you trust. On the other hand, taking the entire bridal party together is not an ideal option either. Too many cooks spoil the dish. So how do you decide whom to bring along? Choosing two or three close friends or relatives who will contribute positively is best. Avoid anyone who you know will nag or spoil your mood. It would help if you had a happy and clear mind when you shop. Also, have a friend that will tell you the truth rather than saying to every dress. An honest opinion is better than a kind one here. If you have a married relative or friend, she can prevent you from making mistakes like choosing the wrong size or going for an uncomfortable style.

  1. How to select a wedding dress?

With so many options, selecting a dress can feel like a challenge. You can get lost in endless designs and patterns. So before you start checking out gowns, you should research. Browse bridal magazines, go online, and see what you like and what will look good on you. This way, you will get an idea of your preference. Shortlist a few dresses and then see what the common factor is. Is it the sleeve pattern or the skirt style? Do you like the fabric or the neckline? It will give you an idea of what appeals to you. More often than not, we tend to gravitate towards a particular style. Some brides like a mermaid cut, while some prefer fuller ballgown skirts. This way, you can identify your type. Then you browse similar dresses and find your perfect dress at Infinity Bridesmaids. You get dozens of options in different styles, necklines, and sleeve patterns. 

Don't be surprised if you select a dress that looks nothing like your first choice. It is common for brides to fall in love with a gown that looks different from their usual gig.

  1. Why are lace dresses a popular choice for bridal gowns?

Lace is traditionally associated with bridal wear. It is inherently a feminine and graceful material. Brides choose something in lace- the dress, gloves, or anything else. Lace is popular due to their fit and vintage charm. With the proper cut and silhouette, lace bridal gowns flatter all sizes and body types. Since lace is so easy to customize, bringing your vision to life is easy. You can wear it to a formal ceremony or a beach wedding. There are so many advantages to a lace wedding gown.

Here are some lovely options to incorporate lace into your wedding outfit. Ariel Sleeveless Tulle Wedding Dress is the quintessential wedding dress. It has a long trail and lace bodice with a sweetheart neckline. It has a gold undertone and shimmer particles with a plunging neckline. If you want a shade that is not strictly white, the Leia Lace Sleeveless Wedding Dress is excellent. 

  1. Should I get matching bridesmaid dresses for my entourage?

Bridesmaid gowns are also an essential part of your wedding. Imagine your venue and decoration are on point, your outfit is perfect, and your bridesmaids show up in different dresses. It will ruin the whole setting of the place. So you should take the matter into your hands and select matching dresses for your bridesmaids. At the very least, the colour should be the same. It will give excellent synchrony to the wedding. If you want matching dresses, infinity dresses are an excellent choice. You can get as many dresses as you wish and they all will look the same. You will get the perfect colour palette, everything matching each other. Your bridesmaids will be ecstatic too. Everyone can wear the dress as they want. The infinity dress can be styled in ninety-nine ways so that everyone can wear it in a style that accentuates their features. Now highlight your collarbone with the strapless style, or flaunt your bust with a plunging neckline. You have a large variety of colours too. Choose from rich, unique colours or subtle hues. The infinity dress comes in universally flattering shades that suit all skin tones.