Infinity Dresses

Infinity dresses are very trendy, and the trend is are here to stay. You will find a multiway gown for all occasions, whether weddings, black-tie events, or prom. However, they are the most popular choice for bridesmaid dresses. Every bridesmaid gets to flaunt her style, and the matching colour means that the outfit looks similar.

How to Choose the Perfect Infinity Bridesmaid Dress

Infinity dresses are versatile and come in many designs. You have a wide choice of fabrics, colours, and styles. Before you make a decision, you should know the types of infinity dresses and their variations. There are three things you should consider when you buy an infinity dress.

     1. Material

Infinity dresses come in two beautiful fabrics - velvet and luxe satin. Velvet is a rich and warm fabric, while satin is shiny and supple. Both are buttery soft and are super flattering for all body shapes. The brides should choose an appropriate fabric depending on the occasion and theme. Velvet is suitable for the cooler weather, Luxe satin looks mesmerising in a traditional ceremony. There are no hard and fast rules for selecting the dress based on material, but buying an outfit that matches the event is better. For example, if you wear a velvet multiway bridesmaid dress to a magical winter hinterland wedding, it will compliment the surrounds and theme of the wedding. 


There are more colours than ever on Infinity Bridesmaids! You can choose unique and gorgeous colours like thistle, gold, silver, mauve, hunter green, emerald, mulberry, duck egg blue, coral, and many more. The brides and bridesmaids are spoilt for choice when selecting a shade for the bridesmaid dresses. However, it does not mean that you can choose just any colour. The outfits are an integral part of the ceremony, so they should match the wedding and complement the bridal gown. Brides should consider the preferences of their entourage before they choose a colour. It should look flattering on all bridesmaids. Many universally flattering colours suit fair, medium, and dark skin tones. 

     3. Style

Infinity dresses have two types of skirt styles - velvet and ballgown. Velvet gowns have a straight fall A-line skirt with a thigh high split. It is a very flattering skirt that you can wear at all events as it suits everyone. A ballgown skirt is fuller and has a princess-cut drape. It features a full circle skirt and creates a regal, princess feel and look. Wear it to formal weddings for a similar vibe. A satin ballgown infinity dress is trendy among bridesmaids. 

How to Style an Infinity Dress for your Body Type

The best part about infinity dresses is that you can style them in over ninety-nine different ways. You can wear them as a halter neck, off-shoulder, short sleeves, or strapless dress and still have other options. Hence, all bridesmaids can choose how to style their dresses. There are many ways to wear a multiway gown, so every girl should wear it in a way that flaunts their best features. Every body type and shape is beautiful and has some amazingly unique features. Here are some suggestions to style the dresses for your body type.


  • Apple Body Shape- These body types should focus on elongating their torso. Hence, plunging or scoop necklines will flatter them very much.

  • Pear Body Shape- Pear shaped ladies have narrower shoulders and broader hips. Any high neckline will look beautiful on you. 

  • Hourglass Body Shape- Luckily, hourglass beauties can wear any neckline for its well-proportioned structure. You can go for a strapless neckline to highlight your prominent collarbones.

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape- You have a fuller bust, so highlight your curves with a halter neck or deep scoop.

Ultimately, you know best what suits you and what does not. So experiment before the big day, and you will figure out what flatters you the best. You should also mix and match some hair accessories or jewellery to create a unique look.

Buy Stunning Infinity Dresses at Infinity Bridesmaids

Get the best infinity dress in Australia for your girls at Infinity Bridesmaids. We have dozens of multiway dresses in all fabric and colour options, so you can dress your bridesmaid as you wish. You can also explore accessories like earrings and hair pieces to complete their look.


      1. Is ordering fabric samples worth it?

Online shopping can be tricky since you cannot feel or try on the dresses. As a result, brides may end up picking the wrong dresses. The outfits may not suit the wedding theme or look good on the bridesmaids. It can disturb the vibe of the wedding ceremony.

Fabric samples are a convenient way to understand your outfits before you buy them. You can check them with your wedding colour theme because the colours can vary from what you see on-screen. Your bridesmaids can check whether they like the material or if you need to change the fabric or colour. Browse the latest multiway dresses in satin or velvet once you shortlist a few dresses, order fabric samples, and select the one that stands out to you. 

      2. How to select the ideal infinity bridesmaid dress?


You will find dozens of beautiful bridesmaid dresses on Infinity Bridesmaids. From velvet to satin, ballgown to classic, there are dresses in every colour so that every bride will get her pick. Selecting the correct bridesmaid dress depends on many factors, like- the theme and colour palette of the wedding, bridal gown, venue, season, etc. 

You may wear any fabric for a traditional wedding. If it is a winter wedding, a velvet dress will be more appropriate than satin. An elegant formal wedding will suit a luxe satin ballgown dress. As for the colours, opt for occasion-appropriate colours that match the wedding palette. For example, champagne, blush, gold, silver, and mocha will look fabulous in a boho beach wedding. Rich darker hues of red or navy will look perfect in a Church ceremony. Always go for the dress that all your bridesmaids agree upon and like. 

       3. How to style a multiway dress? 

There are over ninety-nine ways to style an infinity dress. You can wear it as an off-shoulder, one-shoulder, halter neck, strapless, or short sleeves gown. If you need to learn how to tie an infinity dress, you can buy our style guide, which has a step-by-step guide.

       4. How to accessorise infinity dresses?

Accessories complete an outfit. It adds a personal touch to your dress. You can wear jewellery like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. It will instantly enhance the look of your bridal party. Depending on the wedding theme, you can wear a subtle or statement pair of earrings. If you want to elevate the dress, adding buckles or brooches will help. A silver zirconium buckle will look nice with an infinity dress and allow you to add an additional element to the look of the dress.