Selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress is an important and overwhelming task. It requires a lot of patience and effort (and rejections!). Choosing the perfect dress is solely your decision, but we are here to give you ample options. Explore the latest designs of bridesmaid dresses on Infinity Bridesmaids. 

Choose the best bridesmaid dresses in Australia.

Whoever says that a bride takes too long to select her wedding gown has yet to see her bridesmaids choose their dresses. If one woman takes weeks to narrow her outfit options, imagine how challenging it can be to convince a bunch of them. But we do not blame them. The same dress won't necessarily flatter every girl in the bridal party, and each one wants to look her best at her best friend's wedding. That's why we offer a vast range of bridesmaid dresses, so there is a dress for everyone. 

Every body type is different, and so is every skin tone. But the beautiful thing is that all of these women are so excited to be a part of your special day. However, each must dress up according to their needs to highlight their assets. If you need help figuring out what dress is the best for you, here is a brief step-by-step guide.

        1.Dress for your Skin Tone- Choose the Right Colour

There are many colour choices in bridesmaid dresses. We see unique colours in every wedding ceremony. The right colour depends on the wedding colour theme and the bridesmaid's choice (with the bride's approval). There are many universally flattering colours like navy, red, gold and also white and black. These colours are timeless and make an excellent option if you cannot decide what to wear. However, if you want to wear something unique, there are dozens of new colours on Infinity Bridesmaids. Duck egg blue, thistle, marigold and coral are some popular options. The bride should talk to her bridesmaids and finalise a colour everyone approves of and is excited to wear. There is always an option to mix and match colours. For instance, you can mix shades of pink or gold to create an ombre effect for your bridesmaids.

        2. Dress for your Body Type- Choose the Right Neckline and Style

Dressing for your body type is very important. Every body type is uniquely beautiful. The right dress with the right neckline and style will accentuate your best features. You will look and feel confident. With so many options in dresses, bridesmaids have the chance to try different cuts and styles. Choose from a range of halter, strapless, off-shoulder, lace, long sleeves, sleeveless and one-shoulder dresses. There are plus-size bridesmaid dresses too. The bride can select a colour and get different styles in matching shades. The bridesmaids will get to wear a dress that flatters their body type, and the whole bridal squad will look similar and cohesive. 

        3. Dress for the Occasion- Choose the Right Fabric

You could wear a gorgeous dress, but you will feel uncomfortable if it looks out of place. For instance, if you wear a velvet dress to a summer beach wedding, you can start sweating, which may also look odd. A chiffon dress is suitable for hot and breezy weather, just like velvet is appropriate for winter. Different colours can vary from material to material, so ordering samples can help you make the right choice.

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Now that you know how to buy the perfect dress, browse our range of bridesmaid dresses for your ideal dress. 

Once you narrow down a few options, you can order fabric samples in your preferred colours. It will give you an idea of the look and feel of the dress and help you make a rational choice. You can match the colours to the wedding palette and check it against the bridesmaids to see if you need to change it. Only once you are sure of your selection, place an order for the dresses. Happy Shopping!


Q: How to choose the right bridesmaid dress?

A: There are many beautiful bridesmaid dresses, but you must select the right outfits for your wedding. There are many things you should consider when you choose a bridesmaid dress. Brides should lock down the wedding details like the venue, theme, and colour palette before deciding on the bridesmaids dresses. This way, you can narrow down your options as it helps you choose the colours and fabrics. A lace or satin dress will look pretty if you have a summer wedding. These dresses are lightweight and flowy, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. For winter, you can consider velvet. It is a warm fabric that exudes royalty. You also have many colour choices. Select from soft and subtle shades like blush pink, thistle, gold, duck egg blue and silver. If you like darker colours, go for mulberry, mauve, black, and navy. If you cannot shortlist one colour, try mixing and matching different shades of similar colours. For instance, blush pink and mulberry are a great combination. 

Q: Can I order fabric samples from Infinity Bridesmaids?

A: Yes, you can order fabric samples of bridesmaid dresses. We have swatches for our dresses. You should always see a swatch before you order dresses. The colours may vary on screen and in real life. The texture may look different from what you have in mind. There are a lot of factors. Once you narrow down a few dresses, order fabric samples of the chiffon, satin and velvet dresses in your desired colours, you can then check the material with your wedding theme colours and see if it matches. The bridesmaid dresses can make or break the look of the wedding ceremony. So it is better to check everything beforehand. Your bridesmaids can see if the colour and material of the dresses will suit them; otherwise, you can change them.

Q: How to accessorise bridesmaid dresses?

A: Bridesmaids traditionally wear matching dresses. While it looks beautiful, a little variety can create a unique and flattering look. Many brides choose similar dresses rather than an exact match nowadays. But traditionally, bridesmaids wear the same dress style. Bridesmaids can stand out and show their style with the right accessories and jewellery. It is how your bridesmaids wear and carry themselves in the dress that makes all the difference. There is no right way to accessorise a bridesmaid dress; it depends on what you want to do. To add something unique, you can put on a brooch or buckle. They look outstanding on an infinity dress. You can wear earrings or a necklace to add a feminine touch. Match your shoes with your dress, or you can look out of place. For instance, wearing black heels in a subtle theme with light dresses will look odd. Instead, opt for silver or neutral footwear.  

Q: Why do brides choose unconventional colours like black or white for their bridesmaids?

A: Black is a trendy choice for Australian bridesmaid dresses. While it seems very unconventional, it looks stunning. The white bridal gown looks lovely with a contrasting black colour. Black is a universally flattering colour and will look gorgeous on everyone. White, traditionally the bride's colour, is also gaining momentum as a fan-favourite colour for bridesmaid dresses. If the bride is wearing a lace ballgown, she may get matching bridesmaid evening dresses in the same material but in a different style. Both these options are trending, and you will find many styles and designs for black and white bridesmaid dresses on our site. Get your favourite dresses on Infinity Bridesmaids today!