Dress Code For Wedding Guests

The dress code mark on the invitation causes awe and horror for most girls. You need to think over your image, select formal dresses for a wedding, and select it according to the dress code. Everything is much simpler than it seems. There are rules for each prescribed form of clothing, knowing which, you will not fall into trouble. There are many classifications of dress code types, but if you do not find fault with trifles, you can distinguish several of the most common types.

White tie dress code

White tie is the strictest type of dress code that is extremely rare in our time. This dress code corresponds to royal receptions, awards ceremonies, balls, and very large-scale evening weddings.

Many of the White Tie rules have not changed since its inception in the mid-19th century. For example, men are have to to wear a ribbon with all combat regalia, which today, you see, is not very common.

The basic rules of the White tie dress code:

  • Girls should definitely come to the event wearing formal wedding dresses no higher than ankle length.
  • If a neckline complements the outfit, it should be covered with a shawl or stole. Bare shoulders are also unacceptable.
  • You should wear stockings under your dress, not tights.
  • Always wear white gloves above the elbow at White Tie events. They cannot be removed until the moment you find yourself at the table. After finishing the meal, put them on again.
  • In no case should you put on jewelry for such events. Only precious jewelry is allowed. And White Tie is that rare case when a girl can put on a tiara The diadem, of course, must also be from jewelsl. But the watch is considered inappropriate.
  • Of course, everything you need should fit into a small handbag, no oversized clutches, and bags.
  • Hair cannot lie on the shoulders in free waves. They must certainly be collected in a hairstyle that reveals the face. Makeup should be neat, discreet, but intense enough.

Black tie dress code for a wedding

The second most stringent type of dress code is Black Tie, which is most common at special events today. This form of clothing can be assigned for events starting after six o'clock in the evening by secular norms, weddings, gala dinners, theatrical premieres, New Year's parties, etc.

A strict evening dress code is suitable if you are planning a luxurious status event for which it is appropriate to wear party dresses for weddings.

The basic rules of Black Tie include the following:

  • Long formal dresses for a wedding would be an ideal option for such events. The presence or absence of a neckline is at your discretion.
  • It is advisable to avoid too bright colors and aggressive prints. Leopard fabric is clearly out of place at this level of events.
  • The only acceptable type of footwear is closed-toe shoes with heels. Although in our time, this rule is increasingly violated, especially in the summer.
  • In some cases, it is permissible if a girl appears at the Black Tie event in a cocktail dress, but certainly below the knees.
  • Decorating yourself with diamonds is not necessarily. Good quality jewelry will be enough.
  • Finish the Black Tie look with a small clutch made of silk, suede, or jacquard.

Сocktail dress code for wedding

Events with cocktail dress code began in the afternoon and ended around eight o'clock in the evening. it is appropriate to wear party dresses for weddings with cocktail dress code. They are not as solemn as a White tie or Black Tie event. But still, do not forget the basic rules:

  • Especially to facilitate our task on selecting clothes for this dress code, the designers came up with cocktail dresses. These cocktail wedding formal dresses can be of any color, plain or printed, with or without sleeves. Length varies from mid-calf to slightly above the knee.
  • Moreover, at a wedding cocktail party, suits with trousers and a skirt will be appropriate for formal dress.
  • There is also a lot of freedom in the choice of shoes. Open sandals are acceptable. Nevertheless, it is better not to refuse heels.
  • It is better to save the fantastic jewelry for the evening. Cocktail dress code implies either modest jewelry with natural stones or high-quality costume jewelry that matches the outfit.
  • Sometimes cocktail events involve the obligatory presence of a headdress. However, this point will certainly be indicated in the invitation.

Semi-formal wedding dress code for a wedding

A semi-formal dress code is suitable for the office and a not too festive evening event. There are no strict rules; the look should only correspond to the event’s theme and level. It will be appropriate to wear a party dress to go to a wedding. Modern weddings are very often celebrated with this dress code.

  • Girls can wear cocktail or wedding formal dresses for semi-formal weddings, trousers, or a skirt with a blouse.
  • You should avoid mini lengths or, conversely, floor-length dresses; otherwise, you risk looking a little overdressed.
  • Deep necklines and high cuts will also look out of place. You should look so that your appearance can be described as “elegant and discreet” at weddings with a Semi-formal dress code. Formal dresses for a wedding would be the perfect example of this dress code.
  • Besides shoes and sandals with heels, ballet flats and other neat flat shoes will be appropriate.

Business best and business traditional

What are Business Best and Business Traditional dress codes? These are types of business dress codes that are as strictly regulated as Black Tie. They are appointed for important business meetings, business presentations, conferences, negotiations. But modern weddings can also select this dress code. Of course, motley party dresses for weddings with such a dress code can no longer be worn. You need to stick to more restrained shades.

Key points to remember when going to a wedding with a Business Best dress code:

  • Girls can select between a gray, beige and dark blue suit or a sheath dress combined with a jacket with a business dress code. You can also wear formal dresses for a wedding in understated shades with understated designs.
  • The skirt or trousers must certainly be from the same set as the jacket. Combining different costumes is not allowed.
  • There should be a simple plain blouse or shirt under the jacket.
  • It is imperative to wear pantyhose to important business meetings.
  • Shoes should be closed, as discreet as possible.
  • Only small earrings, a ring, and a watch are allowed.
  • Hair should be collected.

After five dress code for a wedding

If you see the strange code A5 on the invitation, don't be alarmed, this is just a dress code for events starting after 5 pm. In this case, you can afford party dresses for weddings, trousers, skirts, dressy tops or blouses. Shoes can be almost any, with the exception of sneakers. The A5 offers freedom of choice in accessories and jewelry.

Casual dress code for wedding

Many modern weddings do not mind a casual dress code for guests. It is probably the easiest and most relaxed dress code that allows guests to come in comfortable clothes.

Loose casual dressing is how we look every day. It does not imply any specific rules or list of taboos. Business casual, it's more business style of clothing, and mart casual, more elegant, in which it is better to refuse, for example, jeans, are also distinguished. You can wear formal wedding dresses and look smart, and meet smart casual dress code requirements.

How do you tell guests the wedding dress code?

The easiest way to do this is in invitations. Moreover, it is better to designate the desired dress code and decipher what kind of clothing is meant. Not everyone is familiar with the standard designations. The decryption, of course, must not be given in the invitation itself but attached separately.

If you have doubts about some guests, they will not understand the dress code’s meaning or pay attention to it and talk to them separately. Explain what the dress code is, why it is needed, and how to implement it. Then you can be sure that all guests will dress appropriately for your celebration.

Give guests time to prepare

One of the main problems that guests most often face when preparing a wedding dress is the lack of time. They simply do not have time to find the necessary color, style, size and decide on the accessories. Therefore, as soon as you have determined the wedding and dress code concept, we advise you not to hesitate and send out invitations to the guests as soon as possible, indicating the desired style.

What colors are most appropriate

Light colors of pink, blue, lavender, light olive are ideal for a summer wedding. The invitation also needs to indicate the wedding colors so that the guests can select formal dresses to match the celebration.  Dark blue is recommended for lovers of dark colors. Geometric and floral prints will look good. Lavish decor in the form of rhinestones, beads, sequins is not recommended. Delicate lace is a good option.

More saturated colors of burgundy, lilac, gold, emerald are suitable for an evening celebration. In this case, rich embroidery is appropriate. Luxurious lace should be combined with a light fabric of the same tone.

Bridesmaids look good in dresses of honey, terracotta, pistachio, peach, lavender, silver, golden shades. Comfortable, beautiful shoes, tastefully selected accessories will complement your festive look.

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